Dec 15 – Denaby 4, Rotherham Town 2 – Clifton Laners Fail to Stay

December 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 15

Denaby´s Heavy Artillery

Kennedy Gets Three

Clifton Laners Fail to Stay

Denaby United 4, Rotherham Town 2

Visiting Denaby on Saturday, Rotherham Town raised the hopes of their followers very high by gaining the lead of the odd goal in three in the first half of their cup-tie with the United. But they failed to maintain the pace, which Denaby made it a little too hot for them after the interval, and were well beaten.

Denaby had Damms, the ex-Gainsborough man, filling in for Brigg´s place at inside right, and Cooper was again on the extreme left.

Playing with the sun shining on their backs in the opening half, the Town had a little more than an equal share of the play. They were soon dangerous an advance by the left wing resulting in Bretnall running past the Denaby backs with the ball at his feet, but Harrison ran out and whipped it away. Denaby came just as near to scoring a minute later, Shaw making a break for goal and passing to Godfrey, who put the ball across to the right. Chambers lobbed it in, Hawley headed it out, and Kennedy sent back a mighty drive just under the bar, Wainwright touching it over for a corner. This was cleared, but Coope returned, and Shaw, Cooper, Godfrey and Damms stormed the Town goal, the defence being somewhat fortunate to keep the ball out.

Bretnell gave some fine examples of “pot-shots” in the opening portion of the game. One from a centre by Broskom, was well saved by Harrison. A minute or two later, following a pretty combined advance by the Rotherham front line, the ex-Denaby centre forward made an even better effort, a fine low shot just inside the post being brilliantly turned out by Harrison, who flung himself full length to get to it. At the other end, Cooper got across a centre from an impossible looking angle, and Godfrey whipped it in, but Wainwright picked up smartly and cleared.

Play was rather scrappy, the Denaby passing, in particular, being very faulty, and after the starring opening thrills became rare occurrences for a while. Rotherham played the more methodical football during this period, when Denaby seemed very much bothered by the glare of the sun.

Harrison made another grand save from Laycock after turning out a centre from F. Willoughby, Cooper sprinted down the line dribbling neatly, finishing with an accurate centre, but none of the inside men could get the ball under control for a shot. Blunders by Kennedy and Haslam let Perry through, but Harrison managed to stop him. Coope headed away from under the bar in centre by F Willoughby, and Kennedy´s long leg proved useful in getting the ball out of danger.

A remarkable incident occurred at the other end, Shaw putting in a shot which Wainwright evidently lost sight of among the crowd of players just in front of him. It was just as the ball looked like trickling over the line that the goalkeeper got to it and scooped it out.

Some rather disjointed mid-field play was followed by a clash by F. Willoughby, who centred nicely, BRETNALL who calmly took aim and whipped in a shot which hit the inside of the post and passed into the net, over Harrison´s prostrate body. This occurred after 34 minutes play.

Harrison had some more hard work to do in the next few minutes dealing smartly with shots by Bretnall and Perry.

The Town held their lead for nine minutes. Denaby had made one or two unsuccessful dashes, and then Cooper ran down centred well and, the ball going out to KENNEDY the centre-half took it on the run and slammed it into the net with terrific force.

A minute later the Town had recovered the lead. A free kick on the right was dropped into the goal and Harrison got hold of the ball, but PERRY was on to him promptly and bundled the ball into the net.

Denaby made an immense improvement in their play after the interval and within five minutes had again drawn level. They attacked strongly and the ball coming over from the right, GODFREY shot it home with a great first time drive.

The Town defence was under very heavy pressure for a few minutes, shot after shot being saved by Wainwright or turned out by other defenders. Then Chambers tried one of his one man dribbles and was looking very like scoring when he was brought down in the penalty area by Binks. KENNEDY took the kick and gave Wainwright no chance. Ten minutes of the half had gone.

Denaby kept up as almost continuous attack during the first fifteen minutes of the half, and Hawley and Binks did some very good defensive work on occasion. A breakaway by the Rotherham forwards ended in Bratnall shooting hard from a few yards range, for Harrison to make a very smart save. Denaby resumed a vigorous offensive and some chances were missed by the inside forwards. Then Godfrey was tripped just outside the penalty area, as he was dribbling through. KENNEDY again took the kick and the force of his shot uprooted the pegs holding the net in position. Twenty minutes of the half had gone.

The Town appeared to fade out of the picture after this rapid sequence of setbacks, and Denaby continued to make dangerous raids. Godfrey found a suddenly presented opening and dashed away unattended, but Wainwright used fine judgment running several yards out and meeting the centre forwards shot. Shaw also had a shot repelled.

Rotherham tried offside tactics and thereby sent the play in the other half for a whole. Coope fouled Laycock, and Hawley taking the free-kick hit the woodwork of the goal with a big shot. A little unnecessary roughness crept into the game

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