Denaby Utd – Peterbrough 2 Denaby 2 – Brilliance – Minus 3 Regulars

16 December 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 16

Midland League

Brilliance at Peterboro´
Denaby – Minus Three “Regulars”
Spoil a Record
Peterborough 2, Denaby United 2

Denaby put up a splendid performance on Saturday, accomplishing a feat which no other club in the league has done in taking a point at Peterborough. So far Peterborough have won all their matches.

Denaby´s feat was more outstanding, in that neither Happs nor Williams, their two regular full-backs were able to play, while Ardron, centre-forward, was also absent from the side. Both the regular wing halves, Carr and Wright, figured in the last line of defence, while Fletcher and a newcomer took their places. Padgett led the attack.

On the whole the game was fast throughout, both sides giving few chances. Each member of Denaby´s side pulled his weight and played a sterling game. From the start both teams attacked in turn and it came as a surprise when HAYCOX put Peterborough ahead after seven minutes. A strong rally by Denaby brought them reward, for just before the interval PADGETT leveled scores with a goal which was well deserved. Peterborough were taken by surprise when DAVIS put Denaby ahead with a great goal but within four minutes HAYCOX put both teams on level terms again. Before the end, both goals had narrow escapes.


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