Dec 21 – Heanor 7 Denaby 0 – It Shows on the Field !

It Shows on the Field !
Heanor Town 7 Denaby United 0

“Don’t get discouraged,” said a Heanor official who popped his head round the door of the Denaby United dressing room after this 15th Midland League defeat. It’s a bit difficult not to, and it shows on the field.

But at Heanor, Denaby, as they so often do, set of looking a match for the other side. The attack with Harvey hanging back to keep the other forwards supplied, worked hard, but the defence, oh dear, the defence.

After being strong behind a weak attack for so long the positions were reversed on Saturday.

Heanor made it 7 -0 four minutes from the end when full-back Foster couldn’t get out of the way of a centre which hIt his chest and cannoned into the net.

When things like that happen is hard not to get discouraged.

Team: Stasiukiewicz 4 ; Whant 4, Foster 4; Ainscough 4, Jones 4, Grierson 7; Naylor 6, Wood 6, Gray 6, Wharham 7, Harvey 7

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