Dec 29 – Barnsley Res 1 Denaby 2 – Clever Victory at Oakwell

December 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 29

Denaby Mounting Again

Clever Victory at Oakwell

Kennedy´s Cannon Ball Penalty

Barnsley Reserve 1, Denaby United 2

Last season Denaby United took four points from Barnsley Reserve, and a repetition of that achievement was half accomplished on Saturday, when the Tigers brought off a clever victory at Oakwell after the probabilities had held steadily against them up to three-quarter time.

It was a dirty, cheerless day, and as there are not many Barnsleyites sporting enough to patronise Midland League football under the best of conditions, only a hundred or two turned out to watch an interesting game. The faithful few, however, were tremendously vocal and followed the game with the lung-power and loquacity of ten thousand.

Oakwell was almost at its sludgiest, and both teams had to dispense with thrills and niceties. There was very little tip-tap-toe, and breezy methods were more profitable. Denaby fielded Lilley, the old Worksop forward, for the first time. He opened well, and though the conditions were all against football of his style, he had an important share in the victory. Barnsley had “Newsome”, a mystery player, at centre forward but he presented no insoluble problem to Coope and Winfield, who found Jeffes and Jukes, the inside men, far more difficult to hold.

Denaby won the toss and had the better of the earlier exchanges. Lilley´s first contribution was a miss-kick at on open goal. Then Kennedy fired in a grand shot which Gale just scraped out of the top corner and put behind. Cooper doing the same with the flag kick. When Barnsley got going they became very dangerous, particularly on the right, where Binns and Jeffes worked in perfect harmony. The Denaby goal ought to have fallen early to a fine centre from Binns, which Judes messed up badly, lifting the ball high over the bar.

Hamilton´s first dash along the wing put Godfrey and Shaw in, but they spoiled the opening between them, and Barnsley swiftly returned. Jeffes this time testing Bromage with a hard drive from close in. A foul by Shaw on Brown led to Denaby´s downfall when the game had been in progress eighteen minutes. Brown planted the free-kick to JEFFES, who dashed through and found the net with a capital drive the ball swerving away from Bromage as he flung himself across the goal-mouth.

This was the only score of the first half, though the Denaby goal underwent several narrow escapes. Hill all but diverted the ball into the net in one touch-and-go affair, and a couple of fouls by Kennedy on Newsome just outside the penalty area both brought danger which was with difficulty averted.

Just before the interval Lilley got through and passed to Godfrey, who was wild with his shot. The work of the Denaby forwards was distinctly disappointing in this half. Both Godfrey and Shaw were weak in front of goal and Lilley was slow and not very footsure. Hamilton was occasionally dangerous, but Cooper on the other wing was quite overmastered by Brown. Barnsley forced a couple of corners in quick succession and from the last of these there was an exciting tumult in the Denaby goal-mouth, Winfield finally relieving.

Denaby confidently appealed for a penalty, but they got nothing, and a moment later when Lilley forced a corner Hamilton got in a nasty shot which Gale covered very cleverly. Cooper was twice fouled by Brown close in. From the first free-kick Chambers almost got through and from the second a corner was forced by Shaw. This was beautifully laced by Cooper, and after Lilley and Godfrey had both shaved the ball with their heads, Hamilton got in a cross shot, which missed the far post by inches.

There had been very little in it during the first half, though Barnsley had shown rather the better method and deserved their slight lead. Denaby showed much better all round when the game was resumed. Barnsley opened with a brisk attack which was promptly smothered by Coope and Winfield, who were playing a most judicious game, while Sam Kennedy dominated “Newsome” from the first and duly earned the animus of the grand stand for it.

The second half had been in progress twenty-two minutes when Denaby drew level from a penalty. A few minutes earlier Shaw had appealed without success. This time he was undoubtedly brought down with a foul, and the perpetrator, Brown was laid out in the melee. Shaw also being injured. When running repairs had been effected KENNEDY took the kick and hit Gale full in the bread-basket with a tremendous drive. The ball came back to Kennedy who promptly pocketed it and lifted up Gale, writhing in agony with the same movement. The Barnsley goalkeeper was “out” for a minute or two.

When the game was resumed, Denaby renewed their attacks and repeatedly had the Oakwell defence in difficulties, but it was not until five minutes from the end that the winning goal came. Lilley got away and when challenged by Hodgkinson, pushed the ball straight forward. Hamilton, with a wonderful burst of speed got round and nicked it up just as Cook was cutting across him. Gale advanced, hesitatingly, but HAMILTON
tricked Cook and lobbed the ball straight over Gale´s head into the net – a very smart bit of work.

This was the decisive stroke for Barnsley had shot their bolt and could not muster another serious attack. Denaby holding their lines firmly to the end.

It was a capital game and Denaby´s victory, their second away from home in the Midland league was well earned. Lilley proved very useful, and like Jeffes he made up for want of fire and pace with sound action and unselfish and judicious methods. Hamilton was very well fed by him. Godfrey was wild and hasty in the earlier attacks, but later he tested Gale very shrewdly and supplied some of the best shots of the match. Cooper and Shaw were too well held to be dangerous All the Denaby halves showed excellent form. Hamilton particularly in the second half, while Hill who was up against the strongest wing got through a heavy afternoon with credit. Sam Kennedy, both as centre-half and as sixth forward, gave a rousing display and was about the best man on the field. Coope and Winfield played a dashing game. Bromage also kept a capital goal, and frequently wriggled out of a tight corner.

On the Barnsley side Jeffes, Binns, Russell Brown and Hodgkinson were the pick of a very sound lot.

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