Dec 29 – Rotherham Town 1 Denaby 2 – Denaby´s Merry Christmas

December 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 29

Denaby´s Merry Christmas

Smart Victory at Clifton Lane

Rotherham Town 1, Denaby United 2

The wintry aspect at Clifton Lane on Boxing Day mitigated against the “gate”, not more than 1,000 people being present when Denaby started on a boisterous snow-covered ground. Denaby were rather fortunate in getting both points for Rotherham failed because they were unable to make use of their many chances.

A melee in the Denaby goal in the first few minutes threatened danger to the visitors, Willoughby putting across a good centre to which Perry applied his head, but was just too high. Hamilton with a brilliant individual effort, carried play to the other end, swinging the ball into the centre, but Bedford intervened before Godfrey could get in his shot. Rotherham again attacked, and the Denaby goal had a narrow escape when Cadman over-ran the ball with the goal at his mercy.

A Few minutes later Perry was pulled down when he was almost through, a strong appeal for a penalty being disregarded. Kennedy set the Denaby forwards on the move, and after a clever effort in which Hamilton, Lille and Shaw all participated, Godfrey essayed a first-time shot which was only inches too high. Shaw also made a gook attempt from short range, which Wainwright did well to save. Rotherham were the more aggressive at this point, and Bromwich distinguished himself with a wonderful save from Bretnall, who was well on the mark with a fine cross shot.

The visitor´s goalie was again called into action a few minutes later dealing smartly with a last grounder from Perry. Denaby applied pressure and Shaw had a glorious chance to give them the lead, but hesitated too long, Wainwright rushing out and kicking away, a scrimmage in the Rotherham goal brought a corner to the visitors.

From the flag kick Godfrey drove in hard, but Wainwright was alert getting to the ball in miraculous fashion and turning it outside. The subsequent corner was abortive. Denaby were very persistent and at length their persistence was rewarded, GODFREY scoring. This success was initiated by Hamilton, who getting round Binks sent across a long shot to Chambers, who put the ball forward to Godfrey, who gave Wainwright no chance from close quarters.

Rotherham had a great chance to equalise five minutes later, but Bretnall with plenty of time and only Bromage to beat, shot straight at the goalie who had no difficult in smothering the shot. From a free kick just outside the penalty area, Bedford shot over. The best shot of the match came from Bretnall and the save was equally good one. Bromage turning the ball outside for an unproductive corner when a good goal appeared certain. Just before the interval Shaw had the home goal at his mercy but shot wide. Winfield tripped Laycock who was making straight for goal and Rotherham were awarded a penalty. HAWLEY took the spot kick, equalising with a low shot which had Bromage beaten all the way. This encouraged Rotherham and the visitor´s goal was hotly besieged until the interval.

After the change of ends Denaby were the first to get busy, Hamilton dropped a centre right into the goal mouth, a scrimmage ensued, Wainwright eventually getting possession and throwing the ball away.

Rotherham went away on the right and there was a lively tie in the visitor´s goal mouth until Taylor came to the rescue. This however, was only temporary relief for during another hot attack on the visitor´s goal Cadman gave Bromage a warm handful. The same player skimmed the cross bar with a good oblique shot a few minutes later.

Denaby worked up a good position out but this was nullified by Lilley getting offside. On another occasion smart work by Hamilton provided Godfrey with a chance, but Wainright raced out and kicked the ball from his toes. Laycock missed a similarly easy chance at the other end when he got possession of a centre from Cadman and shot wide with only Bromage to beat. Denaby´s second goal was a rather soft one, for Shaw transferred to GODFREY, who was unmarked and all he had to do was to push the ball past the outstretched hands of Wainwright.

This reverse discouraged Rotherham and during the next ten minutes Denaby several times came near increasing their lead. Lilley and Shaw both going close with good shots. Godfrey also made a good try with an oblique shot. Rotherham came again and after a big tussle between Cadman and Taylor the Rotherham man was successful in getting the ball across to Laycock. The latter though ell placed shot wide. Another exciting struggle in the visitors goal followed a centre from Cadman but only fruitless corner was the result. Godfrey raced through on his own severely testing Wainwright with a fast rising shot.

Rotherham lost another easy chance of equalising when Willoughby, after charging down Winfield´s kick shot weakly into the hands of Bromage. Binks made a good effort with a low shot. Godfrey taking advantage of a miss-kick by Hawley, had an absolutely open goal, but shot yards wide as Wainwright came out to meet him. Rotherham were well on top in the closing stages, during which the Denaby goal had several narrow escapes. Bromage once saving splendidly from Perry, who sent in a stinging shot. The Denaby goalie made another brilliant save when he tipped over the bar a fast shot from Binks.

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