Denaby Amateur Dramatic Society – Contrasted Comedies

December 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 29

Denaby Amateur Dramatic Society

Contrasted Comedies

Mr. T. Holcroft and Mrs. H. Lee, the joint producers of the Denaby Amateur Dramatic Society´s Christmas Programme, are to be congratulated on the improvement shown by the company since the last production. The two one-act plays were both humorous, but of entirely different class.

“The Matrimonial Agency”, and original farce was not too original in conception, and the Society will do well to choose plays of higher quality than this. The players made the most of the fun, and Mr. C. Croxall, as Mr. Ponsony Finkleton, a person´s gentleman was extremely funny. He acted with a very lively sense of the comic. Mrs. Morgan, as Miss Diana Pappincourt, was very good as the romantic spinster

Future productions would be more effective if curtains were used instead of the rather disquieting scenery employed last night.

“The Privy Council”, a delightful incident in the life of Samuel Pepys was excellently staged and acted. In this piece the Society showed that Denaby has sufficient talent and versatility to produce really good plays effectively. Mr. T. Holcroft, as Pepys, was capital.

Mr. Holcroft, as he proved in four character sketches – Sydney Carton, Uriah Heap, Little Nell´s Grandfather, and Fagin – can act with skill and insight. Mrs. Lee played Mrs. Pepys with dignity and austerity. Miss E. Robinson was charming as the coy kinswoman, Mercer, and acted with considerable talent.

The bold Mrs. Knipp was admirably interpreted by Mrs. Middleton. Mr. A. T. Allaby and Mr Barry Robinson were picturesque in their 18th century velvet and periwigs.

The play was delightfully staged and is indication of the good results that might be expected from persistence in this work.

It is for Denaby Main to support this excellent little band.

The orchestra under the direction of Mr. C. D. Soar, was not the least happy feature of the performance. This is its first public appearance and promises well for the future.

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