Denaby Ambulance Parade (pictures)

May 1960

South Yorkshire Times, May 26.

Denaby Ambulance Parade

Mr N Hulley (right) makes his inspection of the Denaby Corps

Denaby Main St John Ambulance movement, which consists of 13 division from Denaby, Cadeby, Mexborough and Conisbrough, held their annual inspection last Sunday morning, on Denaby Cricket Field. About 250 ambulance personnel paraded, including the St John Ambulance Band and Cadet Band.

They gave a display of marching under the leadership of Corp superintendent C.J.Pickett. The inspecting officer was Area Commissioner Norman Hulley, and he was accompanied by Area Secretary, A.S.Crabtree, Area Cadet J.Howard and Area Liaison Officers C.Watson

Mr Hulley praised the smartness of the uniforms and said the Corp was one of the best in the South Eastern Area. He expressed his interest in the cadet movement, and what some of them were doing for the old people.

It was reported that cadet Leslie Wood, of 13, Sprotborough Street, Denaby Main, had given a total of 600 hours work for the elderly, and that Corporal G.Croydon, of the Denaby division had given 350 hours for the H.S.R. and several Nursing sisters, were assisting in many ways and in service to hospitals

Men of the Denaby Corps





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