Denaby and Cadeby miners – Special Appeal for Assistance.

2 January 1903

The Miners Committee yesterday issued the following appeal.

Denaby and Cadeby miners.

Special Appeal for Assistance.

For hundreds and hundreds of women and children who will be turned out of their homes, according to the order is granted by the Bench of magistrates, at Doncaster, on December 13, on the application made by the Colliery Company; we appeal to you to assistus financially to provide campsor shelter for the women and childrenwho are connected with the workmen that are fighting .

Just and Honest Battle

To maintain their rights whilst their employers are trying to starve the men into submission by turning the women and children into the Street, after two unsuccessful attempts to stop there lockout pay.

Don’t let the Denaby and Cadeby men lose their battle for the want of money.

We are told the evictions commence on Monday next January 5.

Remember the time of the year for women and children to be turned out into the streets homeless.

On behalf of the miners etc

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