Denaby Bedroom Tragedy – Miner found Hanged

September 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 30.

Denaby Bedroom Tragedy.

Miner Found Hanged.

An inquest was held at the Denaby Main Institute on Wednesday afternoon, by Mr Frank Allen (Doncaster district Coroner) on the body of Richard Thomas Hudson aged 29, a miner, of 27 Barnburgh Street, Denaby Main who was found hanged in his bedroom on Monday evening.

Mary Hudson, wife of the diseased, said her husband was a dataller at Denaby Main.

She last saw him alive on Monday, at home. He got up about 10.30, had his breakfast, and appeared all right. He had a look at the paper, and went back to bed, as was his custom.

Witness heard nothing of him until five o’clock, when she went up to enquire about his tea, but found the diseased hanging. He was dead.

He had been injured six years ago, when he broke his thigh. He had not been right since. He had been depressed and in very low spirits. For a fortnight he had been off work. He went about as usual, and would not give in to it.

He was very funny, and witness could not get anything out of him.

A letter was found in his trousers pockets indicating his intention to take his life.

Herbert Dutton, 95, Doncaster road, said that about 5.30 on Monday. A woman came for the constable next door, shouting that a man had hanged himself. Witness asked if he had been cut down, and the woman replied “No”

Witness thought he might be still alive and went to the house, where he found diseased hanging by a cord from a nail in the wall of the back bedroom

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