Denaby Bookmaker’s Child.

October 1901

Mexborough, Swinton Times, October 4.

Denaby Bookmaker’s Child.

A single woman, named Ada Pitts, of Conisbrough, applied for an order against John Gough, bookkeeper, of Denaby, calling upon him to contribute to the maintenance of her illegitimate child, of which she alleged he was the father.

The defendant did not appear, and woman said he had admitted paternity, and offered to go to a solicitor’s office and arrange a settlement.

A married sister, with whom the applicant had been living, told the bench that Gough had said the woman had nothing to bother about, as he was going to marry her.

He had given her money to buy the wedding clothes, and she’s got the clothes now.

The bench made an order for the payment of 5s a week and costs.



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