Denaby & Cadeby – Champions – Luther Robinson’s Batting and Bowling

27 September 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Town September 27.

Denaby Champions – Luther Robinson’s Batting and Bowling

The Mexborough league has proved a most interesting competition. The final placing in the champions was not  decided until Saturday, when, Denaby having tied with Rawmarsh for top position had to meet the latter on neutral ground.

Mexborough was chosen for the match and the fairly large company gathered to watch the deciding game. Both teams were at full strength, and Rawmarsh, and had as I anticipated the assistance of the Rotherham hard hitter and fast bowler, G.W.Platts.

Denaby batted first and compiled one or seven runs, Luther Robinson being top scorer with 44. His innings was marred by the fact he gave three chances, one of which was before your score. Still, every run counted and the Denaby total proved too much for Rawmarsh.

Besides been top scorer in the match Luther Robinson was in fine form with the ball. He took six of the Rawmarsh wickets for 23 runs and the all the wickets were down for 50. The victory of Denaby was therefore a most decisive one.

The batting form display by Luther Robinson in League matches has been very remarkable indeed. At times he has also bowled exceedingly well. To him must be given a large share of the credit due to the Denaby team being among the championship during the first season of League membership

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