Denaby Church Meeting – Vicars Stirring Message – Christian Duty in war.

March 1940

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 9.

Denaby Church Meeting.
Vicars Stirring Message.
Christian Duty in War.

The annual meeting of All Saints Church, Denaby Main, was held on Tuesday in the Church Hall, and presided over by the vicar, the Reverent S. Powley.

The accounts were accepted as “very satisfactory.” These had been audited by Messrs E. Dabs and F. Kelsall (Church Accounts) and Messrs S.G. Padgham and C.E. Goddard (Sunday School Accounts). The Vicar thanked all the officials of the church and members and officials of all the organisations for their work, co-operation and support throughout the year.

The Vicar said that the latter part of 1939, was anything but an easy time for church work. Cold weather and alterations in the services, owing to the war, and the fact that the church was not blacked out, had had its effect on the attendances at services, and had a result on the collections for church expenses. He still hoped that the day would come when the voluntary envelope system would be introduced, whereby they would have a steady but regular income from which to meet their requirements.

The vicar went on:

“I want to say a word with regard to the war. There are some people, perplexed, who have adopted a pessimistic and defeatist attitude. I do not think that is right, especially for church people and Christians.

If times are hard and things are dark, then it is up to us to show a bit of Christian light in the dark places, and not to adopt the attitude of the defeated. The Church has a grand opportunity of showing for what it stands.

As one reveals the last years before the war, indeed, since the last war, I do not think that we would be surprised at what has happened. A certain part of Europe has gone pagan, they believe that the only right is the mailed fist, and merciless cruelty is a kind of slogan.

They are subjective men and women, whom we believe are made in the image of God, as slaves of the State. They set up false Gods and remember the Bible saying is still true, `Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.´

Then why should we be surprised when for years countries have been building  foundation on materialistic values,  and now the world is reaping them in blood, fear and misery.

Spiritual Things Disregarded.

“We in this country, abhor what is going on, and believing in the right of our cause, we are not altogether blameless. How true is the confession, `We have erred and strayed from Thy ways like lost sheep? We have been living in luxury for many years regardless of spiritual things. Is it any wonder we see what we do today?

It is the natural outcome of something that has been going on for years, and we see the doubt in the world, and in England today. There is no reason to believe that the world is going to be better after this war unless it is a God ruled world and a Christian Society. You and I have a real responsibility in assisting to build this Christian world.”

The vicar said the Sunday Schools had been greatly affected since the period when the children had been free to please themselves about going to the day school in the early part of the war, and the appeal told parents to see that their children were sent for instruction in Christian faith.

The Vicar concluded: “Let us go forward with renewed energy for our work, doing our duty to God and HIs Church. He only asked of us to do our best, and we can leave the rest, but let it be our best.”

A vote of thanks was accorded to the Colliery Company for their gift of coal, light etc and the meeting was concluded with thanks to the auditors and to the Vicar for the help and guidance he had given during the year.

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