Denaby Colliers and the Game in the Wood.

January 1882

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 27.

Denaby Colliers and the Game in the Wood.

Mr Rhodes appeared in support of a summons charging a Denaby miner, named John Smith, with being in pursuit of game in Denaby Wood, on the 13th, October.

Police Constable Kendall, deposed that, at 3.30 in the afternoon of the Sunday in question, he was on duty near the wood. When about 50 yards from it he saw two men emerge therefrom. The other man (Bird) got out of his way, but he came up to Smith and enquired, “What have you been doing in the wood?” The man replied that he had not been there; Bird had, but he had only been after a stick. Witness searched Smith’s coat pocket, and found a gun therein.

He took the gun from Smith, and afterwards ascertained that it belonged to Walter Longley of Mexborough, to whom he had given it.

Mr Rhodes reminded the officer that he had done wrong in giving up the gun; he should have detained it, and he (Mr Rhodes), had intended to asked their worships that it should be destroyed.

Smith denied that he was in the wood; he had only been on the highway.

The prisoner had been before the court twice before, and convicted, and he had now to pay 40 shillings and costs; with the alternative of one months imprisonment.

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