Denaby “Corporal” attacked by Pony Drivers.

January 1882

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 27.

A Denaby “Corporal” attacked by Pony Drivers.

Samuel Kelly of Mexborough, a pony driver at the Denaby Main Colliery, was summoned by Richard Ogden, of Denaby, a Corporal at the pit, for assaulting him on the 18th inst

Mr Hickmott appeared for the defendant.

The complainant stated that, at about our past 10 on the night name, he was leaving the pit for home, and when he reached the yard gates, he saw a number of boys assembled. He had hardly turned his back upon them, when he received a sharp blow across the nose, which, knocked him to the ground.

He could tell that it was a pick shaft and he afterwards ascertained that the blow was given by the defendant.

Is the Chairman: What provocation had you given the boy?

The complainant: We hadn’t had a word all the day. Seven or eight lads are under me, and awhile ago I had to complain about the way in which they did their work.

By Mr Hickmott: I will swear it was not a stone which was thrown. I did not see Jack Axe there. I know Joseph Cooper. I had not struck him with a weight. I was perfectly sober.

Joseph Cooper, another pony driver, said the defendant told him he had struck Ogden.

The defendant was fined 10 shillings, including costs; 10 days imprisonment in default.

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