Denaby Cricket club – Annual Meeting. – Managing in the Welfare Scheme.

March 1924

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 22nd

Denaby Cricket club

Annual Meeting.

Managing in the Welfare Scheme .

Councillor H.Hulley, presided at the annual meeting of the Denaby and Cadeby Cricket, Bowling and Tennis Club, on Monday.

The Chairman explained that the president, Mr H.C.Harrison, had been called away to Sheffield to attend a meeting there. Mr Hulley touched upon some of the effects of the Welfare Scheme.

“The Welfare Scheme is a step in the right direction,” he said, “it means that every worker at the colliery will be able to become a member of the various sections of the Welfare Scheme. We hope that instead of relying upon one or two enthusiastic workers, we shall be able to build up a lively interest in the sport of the village and that everybody will join in to share the advantages. The whole community will be behind you to help you overcome the difficulties which present themselves from time to time. Whe Cricket Club will be a great asset to the Welfare Committee for we shall give them one of the finest cricket grounds in South Yorkshire.”

Replying to a question, the Chairman said that arrangements will be made whereby persons not employed at the colliery my become members of the Welfare Institute by paying a slightly higher subscription, which would still not be too much more than nominal.

Describing the management of the clubs under the Welfare Scheme, Mr Hulley said that the committee of the various sections will be granted the power to settle their business amongst themselves, except that finance would be appropriated to the Welfare Committee. The various departments would be represented on the general committee, where they would be able to safeguard the interests of the sections.

The record of the season’s play, from figures supplied by the secretary, Mr W.E.Narraway, were given. Mr Holley agreed that the result of the season’s games was highly satisfactory, and congratulated the club on the excellent reports that were sent in from the various sections.

The first team has played 22 matches in the Yorkshire Council, won nine, drawn nine , lost one, scoring 3422 runs for 129 wickets, an average per wicket of 26.52. There were scored against them 2802 runs for 184 wickets, an average of 15.22.

The second team, playing in the Doncaster and District Lee, played 22 matches, won 8, drew 5 and lost 9. There were scored during the season 2314 runs, for 172 wickets, giving an average of 13.45. Against them were scored 2501 runs for 185 wickets, an average of 13.51.

Mr Hulley said it was necessary to remember that the second team was the nursery of the first, and that it frequently became necessary to recruit players, thus interfering with the effectiveness of the second team as a unit.

There were some interesting individual batting and bowling performances. The price for the batting average for the season in the Yorkshire Council matters was gained by Irving Greenwood, who scored 651 for an average of 34.26. E. Tibbles with an aggregate of 654, in Yorkshire Council matches, had an average of 29.73. In all the matches he scored 966 run, highest score 103 not out; average 37.15.

Two centuries were scored by E. Tibbles; 103 not out on each occasion. Tables and N.Narroway, against South Kirby put on 161 runs in record time.

The highest score during the year was 288 for 4 against Bentley at Denaby.

The bowling averages for the year were again headed by G. Worthington with 55 wickets for an average of 9.89. I Greenwood was second with an average of 13.51.

In the match with Mansfield Colliery, W.E.Narraway took six catches behind the wicket, and stumped one; a record for the club.

The batting averages for the second team were headed by E Wathy, with an average of 21.30. Wathey also headed the bowling averages with an average of 8.6

W Larke played well throughout the season and might won the bowling prize. Had it not been drafted into the thirsty.

The outstanding performance of the year was K Bateson, who, in eight overs, five maidens, took 10 wickets for six runs, including the “hat trick.” For this performance Bateson was presented with a ball suitably inscribed.

The Bowling Clubare the winners of the Doncaster Cup league, for the second season in succession. For the 60 matches they scored 2461 points. They are also the winners of the RotherhamLeague for the second season in succession, gaining 2617 points in 14 matches. The winners of the club averages are R.Clarke with 19.81, and F. Vollans with 20.85.

Mr W.A.Chambers was unanimously re-elected president. Reference was made to the fact that the services of Arthur Robinson, are no longer available. His past record unpopularity were described, and the resolution of appreciation carry with applause. He was a elected a life member of the club.

Mr H.C.Harrison was elected captain of the Cricket Club, with Mr Luther Robinson as vice captain. E Wathey was elected captain of the second team, with Tim Peters as vice captain.

Peter Phillips was elected captain of the first of bowls team, with R Clarke as vice captain, and F Vollans, captain of the second team with J Langford as vice captain.

Messrs Greenwood, Wathey, Worthington and Bateson were each presented with prizes for their performances during the season and Messrs Larke and Clarke and Vollans received gold medals.

Testimony was paid to the devoted services of Mr Sam Johnson, who has acted as treasurer for many years. By the Constitution of the Welfare Committee this position is abolished

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