Denaby Cricket Club Special Committee Meeting

25 May 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times, May 25 th

Denaby & Cadeby Main United Cricket Club

Aspecial meetingof the members of the Committee ofthe Denaby and Cadeby Main United Cricket Club was held at the club house, Denaby Main Hotel, on Tuesday evening last, when there was a fair attendance

The president of the club MrChambers presided, and among those present were Mr Witty, Mr Stanton, Mr Day, Mr Makin, Mr Raspass, Mr E Robinson, Mr Johnson, Mr Burdon, Mr A Robinson, Mr M Kake and Mr Fisher (hon secretary)

The minutes of the previous meeting, having been confirmed, the secretary said he had some very pleasant news to tell them. By last Friday morning post he was very agreeably surprised to receive a letter from Mr J. Buckingham Pope, enclosing a cheque for £50, towards the funds of their club. Mr Fisher then read to the meeting the contents of Mr Pope´s letter

The Albany, Piccadilly, London, 17th May 1900

Dear Sir

An action at law having arisen in connection with the recent gross liable on the village of Denaby Main, and a verdict of £100 having been awarded to me, I feel that the amount should be devoted to the benefit of the inhabitants of the village. I have made enquiries as to the circumstances of the various organisations and societies, clubs, etc, now existing in the village, and am gratified to find that they are mostly in a flourishing financial position. On the other hand, I find that the cricket and football clubs have incurred liabilities, and having every wish to encourage these excellent institutions, I have decided to divide the money between them. I have now therefore, the pleasure to find you a cheque for £50 by contribution to the funds of your club.I wish you every success, believe me, faithfully yours

J Buckingham Pope

Of course the reading of Mr Pope’s letter was received with loud applause, and a vote of thanks was unanimously passed for the generous and welcome donation to the club. On the motion of Mr Witty, seconded by Mr Makin the secretary was instructed to forward this resolution to Mr Pope

it was also resolve to paint the Pavilion, Mr L.Stanton very kindly promising to give the paint for same.

It was reported to the meeting that M Hardy, who was a spectator at the match on Saturday last, at Denaby, gave himself in a very disorderly manner. The feel, after the maths, and grossly insulted our umpire, Mr G.Butcher.

After a little discussion, in which all present severely condemned Hardy´s conduct, and sympathised with Mr Butcher, it was unanimously resolved that the secretary write tp Matthew Hardy, and ask him to apologise for his unruly conduct within seven days


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