Denaby Desertion – 30 shilling (£1.50) a Week to Keep Nine

September 1923

Swinton & Mexborough Times, Sep 15

A Denaby Desertion

30s. a Week to Keep Nine

An application for a separation and maintenance order was made to the Doncaster West Riding magistrates on Saturday by Elizabeth Williams, of Firbeck street, Denaby , on the plea of her husband´s desertion.

Mr. W. L. Crawford (Doncaster) represented the wife.

She stated that they were married in May, 1906, and had had fourteen children. Eight of these – six under the age of sixteen – were at present living with her, and she had an income of about £1 10s. per week to maintain them and herself.

In September of last year her husband left her three days after she gave birth to a child of which he was not the father. He knew of her adultery some time before the birth. Her husband had had an accident, and was unable to work since. He was receiving 35s. per week in compensation, and was living with his parents at Manchester.

Mr. Crawford asked the Bench to make an order for payment by the husband of some small weekly amount. The wife could apply for its increase later if the husband´s circumstances warranted it.

The husband said he paid 30s. a week board and had to buy his clothes out of the remaining 5s. He admitted having knowledge of his wife´s adultery before the birth of the child.

The Bench granted a separation order, and ordered the husband to pay 5s. per week towards the maintenance of his wife and children.

He replied that she wold not get it.

Reminded by the clerk (Mr. E. W. Pettifer) of the consequences of his failure to pay what was ordered, he said, “I must take all the consequences”.

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