Denaby “Divi” is again Unchanged.

November 1963

South Yorkshire Times, November 2

Denaby “Divi” is again Unchanged.

At the Epworth Hall on Wednesday, Mr W.Thomas presided over the half yearly meeting of the Denaby Main Industrial Corporative society, and it was announced that for the 17th successive of year. A dividend of 1/6d (7 ½%) in the pound would be paid.

The report of the Director shows that sales for the period were £142,663, ADP’s of £3231 or 2.2% compared with the corresponding period of last year.

The decline manifested the extension which competition, particularly in the food trades, had intensified in recent months.

Share Capital has decreased to £72,105, but the Reserve Forms have been increased by £27,038.

The directors stated that the fact that they had been able to pay a dividend of 1/6d was no small achievement because the National average fallen ten-pence farthing.

The Future.

It was stated that the future rate of dividend depended upon the extent to which members continued to give their support, if this was not forthcoming by increased sales, Directors could not guarantee the continuation of that figure. This.

The front of the central premises had been improved and the Strafforth Terrace drug Department had been modernised.

The report, express thanks for the service of Mr V.J. Healy who had recently resigned as managing secretary to take a teaching post at Doncaster Technical College.

Congratulations were extended to Mr E Sheldrake upon his appointment as Chief Executive Officer.

It was stated the annual sales were £300,114, the membership 3,126.

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