Denaby doesn’t want Another Tip

July 1963

South Yorkshire Times, July 20

Denaby Doesn’t Want Another Tip

The tipping of coal slurry close to shops and houses on Denaby Main came in for criticism at Wednesdays meeting of Conisborugh urban council.

Coun. R. H. Shepard said he could not understand why the authorities concerned went to the expense of tipping coal on land off Doncaster road, Denaby main, and having to pick it up again for delivery.

Coun. Shepard said “they ought to deliver it direct. There are two big muck tips staring us in the face in Denaby and there enough dust about.”

Coun J. Prederganst said he understood central tipping areas were eventually to be provided. He though the tipping was causing an even greater nuisance at present, as the tipping areas was not more than 50 yard from a shopping centre.

Small coal was being tipped there which tended to give rise to quite an amount of dust. He hoped the coal board would take note of the problem.

Meanwhile the council requested the Clerk, Mr. R. F. Edwardson to find out from the county planning officer, Mr. A. Bates, whether a central tipping area is to be provided for the N.C.B no. 3 area in which Denaby is situated.

Mr. Bates has been having discussions with the chairman of the Yorkshire division of the N.C.B on the provision of tipping facilities throughout the division.

Following communications from the councils Engineer and surveyor the N.C.B are already investigating complaints that tipping is taking place outside these areas covered by temporary planning permission, granted in 1960.

The board have assured the council that the materials being tipped comprised “washed smalls” which was saleable coal, eventually to be sold to power stations.

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