Denaby Dog Show – “Colliery Queen” Scores again

March 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 10, 1939

Denaby Dog Show.
“Colliery Queen” Scores again.

Two dogs at a Denaby show on Saturday each won two trophies. They were “Colliery Queen,” a smooth fox terrier belonging to Mr G.F.Sissons, (Conisborough), and “Oxted Dainty Maid,” a puppy belonging to Mr S.L.Skelton (Brightside, Sheffield)

“Colliery Queen” was awarded the Long Dyke trophy for the best any variety exhibited, bred, owned and handled by exhibitor, and the Terrier Cup for being the best any variety terrier whilst “Oxted Dainty Maid,” gained the Walton Cup for being the best exhibit in the show and the Puppy Cup for the best any variety puppy.

The show, held in the Miners Welfare Institute’s, was the first show of the season, arranged by the Denaby and Cadeby Miners Welfare Canine Society and again proved a success.

41 dogs were shown by 34 exhibitors in 20 classes and in the absence of the president, Mr B.H.Pickering, general manager of the Denaby, Cadeby, and Maltby collieries, the show, the fifth staged by the society was opened by a vice president, Mr Norman Hulley, agent and manager of Denaby Colliery.

The villagers were drawn from a wide area, including Nottingham, Wakefield, Barnsley, York, Sheffield and Chesterfield as well was nearer home. Mr W Holt and Mrs Holt were again secretary and assistant secretary respectively.

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