Denaby Empire Palace (video)

November 1915

Mexborough times, November 27th 1915

Denaby Empire Palace

The programmes at this hall continue to be the usual high-class order, and next week’s bill is no exception to the rule.

“Sons of Satan,” the star picture to be shown the first three days, is a thrilling and exciting for real detective story of the “Zigomar” type, written by that well-known novelists, William le Queux, and produced by the London film company, featuring Charles Rock and Gerald Ames.

Another interesting subject is “The midnight limited,” a railroad drama, featuring Helen Holmes; while comic relief will be provided by the famous English comedian in, in “Wifie┬┤s is Ma comes back,” and “when father learned to Bike.”

For the weekend change, “Do unto others,” another magnificent drama, in three acts, with a most interesting and appealing story, will be the chief attraction. There will also be “the Angel of spring,” a drama introducing numerous inhabitants of the Selig zoo; “A deed of daring,” another thrilling railroad drama, and too bright and breezy comics, “Jack Spratt’s parrot,”

and Syd Chaplin in a Keystone, “Gussels Wayward path.”

Gussle’s Wayward Path

Link is to UTube Video uploaded by ‘Silent music’

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