Denaby Girl takes “Miss Harvester” Title

June 1963

South Yorkshire Times June 1.

Denaby Girl takes “Miss Harvester” Title.

19-year-old Denaby girl Miss Janet Charlesworth was awarded the title “Miss Harvester 1963” at the International Harvesters Companies Recreational Club dance last Thursday, at the Doncaster Cooperative ballroom.

13 girls were chosen from the pack ballroom to go before a selection panel.

“We were all walking about and chatting to each other before we even realise we were being judged, said Janet at her home in Doncaster Road, Denaby, on Wednesday.

The judges, including experts in fashion and hair styling, took into consideration deportment, personality and popularity and they chatted with the girls individually before making their decision.

This was Janet’s first `Miss Harvester´dance, for she only joined the company 10 months ago, and is a secretary in the Works Managers office. She had not planned to enter the competition until the very last moment.

“In the Family.”

Janet explained “my best friend Valerie Ronan, of Doncaster, was Miss Harvester last year, and she wanted me to enter to try and `keep it in the family´, so to speak.

Janet and her family lived in Sheffield until six years ago, when they took over the fish and chip shop in Doncaster Road, Denaby.

After leaving Mexborough grammar school, Janet took a course in modelling in Manchester, but then took a secretarial course at Doncaster Technical college, before starting work with International Harvesters.

The prizes include a cheque for £10, a sash proclaiming Janet’s title, a bouquet of roses and carnations, and the privilege of officiating as Miss Harvester 1963 at the firm’s social functions. Her first official engagement will be in to open the Companies Gala Day in three week´s time.

Janet made the white moygashal dress in which she competed.

Janet’s father, Mr Bernard Charles, commented, “we know she’s a good-looking girl; we are glad to know that someone else thinks it too.”

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