Denaby Housing Project Progress

May 1963

South Yorkshire Times, May 18

Denaby Housing Project Progress.

Assurances about the proposed redevelopment of Denaby Main, were given at Wednesday’s evening meeting of Conisbrough Urban Council when councillors J Prendergast said. “We realise the size of the project and responsibility which rests upon us.”

He said that in consultation with a representative of the ministry of Housing and Local government. The Council, had satisfied the Minister on a number of important points.

The first was that the Council, had sufficient technical and financial resources to undertake the redevelopment, and the second that they were capable of building alternative accommodation for people displaced by the scheme.

The Minister, said Cllr Prendergast, satisfy with the plans, and would do everything possible to help the Council.

Councillor G.Cheshire, said the ratepayers of Denaby were concerned whether the project would be completed. In their lifetime.

“As far as we are concerned, this redevelopment will be speeded up, and brought about as soon as possible,” he added.

He hoped to see considerable progress with the redevelopment within the next two or three years. The whole scheme was based upon quick redevelopment of the property concerned.

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