Denaby Inventor – Runaway Tubs – Safety Device Approved

June 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 16

Runaway Tubs

Denaby Man´s Safety Device Approved.

Mr. Israel Rodgers, of 19, Adwick street, Denaby Main, has been bracketed with two other competitors for the first prize in a competition organised by the “Colliery Guardian”.

The object of the competition was to produce an invention which would lessen the danger and damage caused by runaway tubs on haulage roads in mines. We gave some details of Mr. Rodgers´s invention a few months ago.

His device is so arranged that in case of a tub travelling down an incline at an immoderate speed, a striking arm releases a pin which allows a platform carrying a hook to spring upwards and attach itself to the rear axle of the first tub, gradually pulling the tub or train to a standstill.

Messrs. Hadfields, of Sheffield, have had the invention in hand since January, and have constructed a mechanism based on Mr. Rodgers´s design. The apparatus is now completed, and it is expected that Messrs. Barber and Walker will purchase the patent for use in their colliery at Bentley.

Mr Rodgers is also at work designing a helicopter, which he hopes may have a chance for the £50,000 prize offered by the Government.

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