Denaby Main 1869 to 1879

Where a newspaper report is not available the information has been obtained from the Coal Mining History Resource Centre or the lists in ‘The Blood on your Coal’ : 1869 John Walden and William Eckersley Two More Fatal Accidents at the Denaby Main Colliery John Ainsborough John Ainsborough – Crushed by Wagons 1870 1870 George Natrass and Joseph Hough 1870 – Nattrass, George and Hough, Joseph – Fall of Roof in Engine Plane 1870 John Phipps 1870 – Phipps, John – Fatal Accident at Denaby Main George Bowen George Bowen, aged 17, died 4th October 1870. Occupation: Waterleader Notes: Bricks from Arching in pit porch fell on him 1871 1871 Richard Dawes 1871 – Dawes, Richard – Fatal Accident at Denaby Colliery James Jackson 1871 – James Jackson – Fatal Accident 1872 R.Mitchell 1872 – Mitchell, Robert – Shocking Accident – Cage in Motion W.Spalding 1872 – Spalding, William – Corve runs over 14 Year old H.Jackson 1872 – Fall of Bind kills Byeworker F Raynor 1872 – Frederick Raynor – 14 year old Horse Driver dies P Ball P Ball, aged 27, died 27th August 1872. Occupation:Collier Notes: Fall of Coal 1873 C Johnson C Johnson, aged 32, died 18th July 1873. Occupation:Collier Notes: Fall of Roof 1874 S. Webster, J.Lucas 1874 – Fatal Accidents – Samuel Webster and Joseph Lucas 1876 Lewis Calladine L. Calladine – Fatal Accident at Denaby Main Colliery 1877 Herbert Hatton H. Hatton – Shocking Death of Boy at Denaby Main 1878 B Knowles B Knowles, aged 40, died 27th July 1878 Occupation: Rope Examiner: Notes: Crushed by Corves 1879 J Griffiths Joseph Griffiths – Fell from Gangway George Venables

1879 – George Venables – Fatal Accident at Denaby Colliery

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