Denaby Main C.C. – Prospects for New Venture

26 March 1921

Mexborough Times, March 26.

Denaby Main Cricket Club.

Bright Prospects for the New Venture.

The Denaby Main Cricket Club have almost completed preparations for their first season in the Yorkshire Council, which opens on May 9 with a visit from South Kirkby. All last year’s team will be available except Mr H.W.Smith, the captain, who has gone into the Castleford district.

The players likely to be called upon, so far as can be seen are: H.C.Harrison (captain), W.Narroway (vice captain), G.L.Robinson, A.Robinson, G.Worthington, G.Wilson, W.Widdowson, H.Foster, A.Day, B.Pattinson and B.J.Hadfield, of the old 11, with the following additions: J.Greig from Mexborough; J.White from Tickhill; H.Shoesmith, E.Tibbles and one other.

Greig and White are first-class batsmen, and the former is also a useful change bowler. Tibbles is also a batsmen, and has played for Buckinghamshire. Shoesmith bats and balls, and has experience with Berkshire. There is plenty of material here for a strong and capable side, sound in all departments. The second team is competing in the Doncaster and district league, and will open against Doncaster Town (home) on April 30.

Financially, the club is a little burdened, but not unduly, and there is an excellent prospect of wiping out the deficit. The club as obtained splendid value for the money it spent on the ground. Of the £400, which now represents the clubs deficit, £250 has been spent during the close season on ground improvements.

The ground has been completely levelled, and a boundary extended on the canteen side. It is proposed, when the present debt is liquidated, to build a commodious clubhouse between the cricket and football grounds, giving stand accommodation for, and also providing facilities for billiards, swimming, and social recreation.

The membership last year was 640, and it is all that the effect of entering a higher class of cricket will be to raise the membership to 1000. The club are confidently appealing for stronger financial support, and subscriptions had been raised all round. The full subscription (for cricket, lawn tennis and balls) is £1.

Last year´s enjoyable cricket tour to Mansfield, Leamington and Oxford, is to be repeated in June. Three days will be spent in Oxford, and matches of been arranged with Keble College and Exeter College.

The secretary of the club is W.Narroway, 72 Tickhill Street, Denaby Main.

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