Denaby Main Colliery Prosecution

October 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 25.

Denaby Main Colliery Prosecution

Henry Ross, Trapper, Denaby, was summoned at the instance of the Denaby Main Colliery Company for breach of rule 97.

Mr Gichard appeared to prosecute.

Defendant pleaded guilty.

Mr Gichard said that on the fifth of the previous month. The defendant and another boy receive their lamps at the lamp out. Afterwards the lads, began playing, throwing stones at one other. One of the stones struck the other lads lamp, and broke the glass. They then exchanged lamps, and the defendant went down the mine with a broken lamp. It was a serious offence, and might have caused an explosion.

The lad was employed as a Trapper, which was rather an important position. There was about 70 or 80 men in the mine at the time.

Fined 5 shillings and the cost 15 shillings.






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