Denaby Main Cricket Club – Growing Deficit – Need for Stronger Support

March 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, March 31

Denaby Main Cricket Club

A Growing Deficit

Need for Stronger Support

The annual general meeting of the Denaby Cricket Club was held in the Canteen on the ground last Wednesday evening. Mr. H. C. Harrison presided.

The chairman gave a sketch of last season´s record. The first team played 23 matches, won 9, drew 6 and lost 8. In connection with the Yorkshire Council, they played 17 matches, won 5, drew 6, lost 6. Altogether they scored 2,774 runs for 48 wickets. The grand totals were 3,518 for 201, giving an average per wicket of 17.5. The record was fairly satisfactory, but might have been better with a little more luck. E. Tibbles had the best batting figures, 563 runs, with an average of 25.69. George Worthington had an average of 20.04. The best bowling average was that of A. Robinson, 8.83, Worthington came second with 13.32, and G. L. Robinson third with 17.32, J. Robinson had the best batting average for the second team with 16.13, B. B. Clarkson second with 14.0, and Bateson third with 13.31. The best bowling average was that of E. Gibbs, 8.53.

The chairman said that they could congratulate themselves on the high standard attained by the bowling club. The first team were the winners of the Doncaster League by 129 points, and the second team won the Rotherham League by 224 points, with an average of 195 out of a possible 210. They lost the final for the Kelley Cup by 14 points only. The best individual record was that of R. Clarke, who secured 522 points against 368 for 26 matches, giving an average of 20.07 per game. The best record for the second team was gained by Mr. J. Langford, who secured 303 points against 221 for 15 matches, giving an average of 20.20. They could congratulate themselves on having a splendid ground, and a well-equipped canteen. What they could not congratulate themselves upon was the financial position. They hoped that better things would result when it came to next season´s reckoning. They were proud to possess such people with a fine cricketing instinct as the brothers Robinson. He hoped that during the coming season they would discover new talent among the new-comers and junior members. The Denaby Cricket Club was a splendid nursery. They were to continue in the Yorkshire Council and attractive fixtures had been arranged. The hope was that the public would appreciate them. If the public desired good cricket, they should show their appreciation by attending the matches. There was sufficient skill and excitement in last season´s games to interest anyone with a spark of enthusiasm for the game. The bowlers had achieved great things and were the glory of the club.

The Finance Committee had carefully considered the balance sheet, but the figures showed an adverse balance, and the guarantors were willing to shoulder the same responsibilities as they had last year. They had received £59 18s. 6d. as “gate money” for first team matches, and £16 14s. 11d. from the second team matches. On the occasion of the visit of the Yorkshire County team, £28 was taken, a loss of over £20. There was a deficit of £525 this year, but the Finance committee were not facing the position with a heavy heart. He urged the public to come forward with their help and encouragement.

The Election of officers resulted as follows: President, Mr. W. H. Chambers; vice-presidents, Dr. MacArthur, Mr. J .T. Asher, Mr. T. S. Lamb, Mr. S. Spruce, Mr. H. Hadfield and Mr. J. Scott; secretary, Mr. G. Worthington; treasurer, Mr. S. R. Johnson: bowling secretary, F. Vollans; tennis secretary, C. Beckett: captain of the first team (cricket), H. C. Harrison: vice-captain, G. Worthington; captain of the second team, T. Peters; vice-captain, T. Wathey; bowling captain, first team, C. Phillips; second team, F. Vollans.

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