Dispute – Denaby Main Miners – The Men on Strike

21 January 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times, January 21

The Denaby Main Miners.

The Men on Strike .

It is now very probable that the Denaby Main miners, who was thrown out of work about a month ago, owing to the stoppage of the pit, will – notwithstanding what has recently been said to the contrary – continue idle for even a longer period.

It was expected that operation would be resumed at the colliery last Wednesday, but Mr Warburton, the manager, has informed the men that he will require them to give up the “packing” to what are known as the “bye workmen.” The men positively refused to return to work on these terms, as they say, it will be a difference in their wages of something like 25%.

Consequently, unless some different arrangements can be made, it is greatly to be feared that the grassy fine intelligence of the hands been again soon employed will not be well grounded. Many of the families, are in exceedingly poor circumstances, scarcely having sufficient to subsist upon

On Saturday the managers of the Denaby Main School gave 100 gallons of soup to the minerĀ“s children and Mrs Slater, landlady of the Reresby Arms beer house is giving away several hundred loafs, obtained from subscriptions she has solicited on their behalf.

The miners Union have also granted to the men of the allowance sanctioned at Barnsley some weeks ago – one shilling for each Collier and 6d for each child. The manager. This house, it is reported, intimated that is the miners contract themselves out of the Liability At the company will continue their subscription to the relief fund; if the Act be allowed by them to

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