Denaby Main Parish Church – Beautiful Musical Service

May 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 13th

Denaby Main Parish Church

Beautiful Musical Service

At the Denaby Main Parish Church on Sunday afternoon, a musical service was conducted by the vicar. The Rev. H. Lee, and a thoroughly enjoyable musical programme was presented. There was a large congregation.

Mr.E.Dabbs, the organist of the church opened the programme with a highly creditable interpretation of Blakely´s “Toccata.”

Mr. W. Adamson, a member of the church choir. Gave “honour and Arms” (Beethoven) in which his fine brass voice was heard to good advantage, an impressive rendering of the work being given. His other number was a Beethoven extract, “Creations Hymn” and of this he gave a no less creditable performance.

Miss Daisy Kaye has a very pleasing contralto voice, which is admitably suited for church music. And her best numbers were very effective. She sang sterndale Bennett´s “O Lord, Thou hast searched.” From his Oratorio. “The Woman of Samaria” with a beautiful expression and good tone. And also was very successful with Sanderson´s sacred song. “God that modest, earth and heaven” of which she gave a very effective rendering.

Miss Pansy Moore was in excellent voice, and her solos pleasure. She gave the well-known “Ave Maria” of Gounod (founded on Bach´s First Prelude). To which Mr. A. Twelve´s played the violin obbligato, and this very fine number was one of the most successful of the programme. Being given with a deep feeling and expression.

Mr Twelve´s played the obbligato with great credit. Miss Pansy Moore´s other solo was cowen´s “Thanks´ giving” which she sang with a great charm, full tone and fine expression. And her singing gave the greatest pleasure.

Mr. G Smout. `of Conisboro´. Was very successful with his solos. “The Lord is my Shepard” (Ernest Niehol) and “Thanks be to God,” his pleasing tenor voice being heard to advantage.

Mr. A. Twelve´s gave two violin solos, an Aria by Tenaglia dating back to 1600 and the old Irish folk tune “London Derry Air” and in both he procured a good round tone and fine expression, his solos being most pleasing. The service was a very enjoyable one, an excellent program being excellently rendered.

At the evening service. Miss Pansy Moore again sang, this time giving the Aria “let the bright seraphin,” Wells, the choir also gave “Let the celestial concert”

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