Denaby Main Wesleyan Sunday School Anniversary.

June 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 28.

Denaby Main Wesleyan Sunday School Anniversary.

The anniversary services of the above were preached on Sunday by the reverent Samuel Adcock, of Denby Dale. Mr G.K.Bateson, the choirmaster, had had charge of the training of the scholars in the special selection of hymns, and the successhe obtained in the various vocal, as well as instrumental items, can but be gratifying to the popular choirmaster.

The evening service was well attended, and the spacious Chapel was well filled, when the choir sang the introductory anthem: “Cast thy burden upon the Lord,” an extract from Mendelssohn’s “Elijah”

The first hymn, “Another year has passed away,” was decidedly pleasing to the congregation; and following the intonation by the reverent, S Adcock, the children were heard to advantage in “There’s a friend for little children,” which passed with a delightful swing.

The first anthem, “Remember now thy Creator,” was very sweetly given by the choir, ably led by the conductor.

The preacher selected for his text the words, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God,” from the Sermon on the Mount, from which he delivered a rousing sermon, which was full of interest.


“How lovely are the messengers,” a corner from Mendelssohn’s “St Paul,” was most effectively rendered by the choir, and was later followed by a splendid anthem, “To arms!” which was really a difficult piece, but most effectively given by the scholars and choir.

The band contributed a fine selection, entitled “The two choirs” as the collection was being taken, most ably led by Mr Rossbeck of Doncaster.

The evening prayer, “Jesus tender Shephard, hear me,” was charmingly son as a duet by master Douglas Jones and Mr Dorothy Wilson, and on the pronunciation of the benediction, the service were brought to a close.

On Monday a public meeting was held, addresses been offered by Mr G.B.Appleyard, of Conisbrough; Mr W.Wilson and sister Annie Pitts, the local deaconess. The total amount of the collection was £26 6s, a record for the Denaby Main Wesleyan organisation.


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