Denaby Notes – Water, Two Denaby men in London

May 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 3

Denaby Notes


Clouds of dust made matters most uncomfortable one day last week, and yet the water cart was idle. But, if the water cart had been available, it is a question whether or not it could have been supplied with water, as water is turned off half our time. This is due to the drainage of the new cricket field, I understand, and it is no uncommon sight just now to see people rushing all over the place for a drop of water.

 Two Denaby men in London

A rather amusing story is being told of two Denaby men that made the journey to London on the occasion of the cup final. Amongst other places they paid a visit to the waxwork show of Madame Tussaud’s. Seeing an old lady sitting at a table some distance away, with what appeared to be a catalogue in front of her, one of them stepped boldly forward and asked for “a catalogue please.” No answer, no, not even a look.

After an awkward pause for a few seconds he again asked for “a catalogue please,” with an increased tone of voice. A smothered sound of laughter from some bystanders caused him to closely examine the figure in front of him, which he found to be one of the curiosities of the show.

“Never mind, Joe,” keep smiling.

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