Denaby Red Rose v Mexborough Red White and Blue

December 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 16.

Mexborough Red White and Blue v Denaby Red Rose.

This match was played on Saturday on the ground of the latter. The visitors won the toss and kicked against the wind.

After the ball was set in motion, a goodmove was made by J Swallow, who kicked the ball in front of the home team’s goal, when a good attempt to score was made by G.F.Arundel; but one of the own place stopped the ball with his hands just in front of the posts.

Several gunshots were made by the visitors, but no score was made by either side when half-time was called.

At the change of ends, the visitors began to show good cross play, which the home team appeared very short of. J Swallow for the visitors again landed the ball in front of the posts, when a scrimmage ensued; but the goalkeeper was to the rescue and sent the ball back again up the field.

J. Johnson then brought it back opposite the home goal, when F.Foster sent it flying through the post thus making a score for the visitors. This aroused the own team who tried hard to lower the visitors colours but all to no effect.

F Foster again securing the ball running right through the posts. Time was then called leaving the visitors victorious by 2 goals to 0.

The home team played exceedingly well.

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