Denaby Scout at Buckingham Palace

March 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 4

Denaby Scout at Buckingham Palace.

On Friday last Patrol Leader W.Wakefield, of 69 Warmsworth Street, Denaby, left home en route for London, where he was to take part in the presentation to Princess Mary of the gifts from the Boy Scout Association (West Riding)

P.L. Wakefield is attached to the first Denaby troop, All Saint´s Scouts. The honour fell to him because, apart from being a patrol leader, it had to be a P.L. who worked in a coal mine, and had two proficiency badges, and a second class badge and he was the only one in the Doncaster Association, who is employed in a mine, who possesses these qualifications.

So of that Wakefield is doubly proud. He returned home on Sunday evening, arriving in Doncaster about 4:30 PM. He was met them by Major Clarke, of Doncaster, who is the Boy Scout District Commissioner, and was conveyed home in Major Clarke’s private motor car.

I had an interview withPatrol Leader Wakefield on Monday. He is a bright, intelligent lad of 16 summers. He was very pleased and delighted to related recent experiences.

He told me they arrived in London at 5 PM on Friday, and were conveyed to the Tottenham Court Road Y.M.C.A.Headquarters, where they were billeted. They were due at Buckingham Palace at 12:30 PM on Saturday. Here they were met by Lord Harewood, who is president of the West Riding Boy Scouts Association. They were ushered into the presence of Princess Mary, who was accompanied by Lord Lascelles, and were introduced to Lord Harewood. When introducing P.L.Wakefield Lord Harewood told the Princess that he (Wakefield) was a pony driver in a coal mine.

The deputation consisted of scoutmaster Miss V.M.S. Nuttall, 10th Harrogate Troup, Scoutmaster P.G.Preston, 16th, Sheffield (Westbourne) Troop, Patrol Leader R.Foster, 1st Farsley Troop, P.L. A.Barber, 60th Bradford (Belle Vue school) Troop and P.L. W.Wakefield, first Denaby Main Troup (Doncaster Local Association).

Col J.A.Leslie made the presentation, which consisted of specimens of local products, made by firms at which Boy Scouts are employed, and included cutlery and woollen goods.

Princess Mary in acknowledging the gifts said:

“it is especially gratifying to me to receive a deputation from the Boy Scouts of the West Riding – of which Association my future father-in-law is president – for the purposes presenting me with this interesting and useful specimen of products made by local firms, and I thank all the Boy Scouts and Wolf Cubs, very warmly for their generous wedding gift. I shall always treasure it as a very pleasing token of their kind thoughts and good wishes towards me on this happy occasion.”

H.R.Highness shook hands with the Scouts on their being introduced, and also when they were coming away.

Wakefield told me he thought Princess Mary was very nervous, but he added, “she is a beautiful lady, and the photos they put in the newspapers don’t show her prettiness.”

He thought London was a wonderful place, and was very glad of the privileges which had been granted him.

On Saturday afternoon they visited Westminster Abbey and were conducted around by the Dean and shown all the places of interest.

They left London at noon on Sunday

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