Denaby Strike Goes On

March 1963

South Yorkshire Times, March 16.

Denaby Strike Goes On.

The strikeatDenaby Main Colliery continued yesterday – its ninth day – and although sympathy strikes at New Stubbin, and Kilnhurst pits earlier in the week had ended, the 1200 Denaby strikers are still supported by 1700 men at Cadeby, and yesterday 88 men at Barnburgh Main Colliery stopped in sympathy.

On Saturday, a deputation of union officials from Denaby met N.U.M.area leaders in Barnsley.

“They said they would attempt to arrange a joint meeting with the Coal Boards Yorkshire Division Chairman, Mr Sales, but this could have taken as long as three or four more months and we did not consider this to be of much use,” said the Denaby delegate, Mr Harry Powell.

On Monday the Denaby strikers went to other pics urging the men to strike in sympathy, and 190 men at new Stubbin, 310 at Cadeby, and 101 at Kilnhurst stopped work.

Yesterday, New Stubbin and Kilnhurst were working normally but Cadeby was completely idle.

An NUM panel meeting of representatives of the 10 pits in the number three area on Wednesday decided to send a deputation to Yorkshire Area NUM officials at Barnsley to discuss the matter.

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