Denaby Suicide Averted

June 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 7.

Denaby Suicide Averted

Quite a consternation was caused in this locality on Saturday morning, when it became known that what might have been a terrible tragedy had just been averted.

It appears that a woman, going under the name of Green, was discovered on the bank of the canal, a short distance from the point known as Grays Bridge, along with three other children, at eight o’clock on Saturday morning, under very suspicious circumstances.

It is reported that she was seen by some young men cyclists, who, attracted by movements, made towards her, when they discovered that the children were fastened one to another by means of cord.

The woman was removed in an hysterical condition, and later on in the day was taken into custody.

It is stated that the family were in a destitute condition, owing to the father not doing any work.

This is rather strange, as there is plenty of employment in the district for those that care to work.

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