Denaby to Apply for Re-election.

13 June 1960

South Yorkshire Times, June 13.

Denaby to Apply for Re-election.

With the club’s future finances still hanging in the balance, Denaby United are to apply for re-election to the Midland league next season.

Denaby who finished bottom of the league last season, decided at a committee meeting on Tuesday to try to carry on in the league, of which they have been members for almost 50 years.

Afterwards, United secretary Arthur Roberts, said, “Personally, I don’t think we will have any difficulty in getting re-elected. The problem now is to raise the money for a team which will be worth watching. ”

Little further progress has been made regarding the suggested ballots at Denaby and Cadeby Colleries for an extra 3d a week to start from the men’s wages for the club.

“The NUM branches have met the management, but apart from that we have heard nothing,” said Mr Roberts.

He added, “We cannot count on that now and if we are to run a good team in the Midland league next season we will have to find some other way of raising money. If we can get a good team together, which will attract supporters we should be all right.”




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