Denaby Tragedy – Unknown Man – Identity Doubled

August 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, August 04/08/1923

A Denaby Tragedy”

Identity Doubted

A remarkable position was represented at an inquest at Doncaster yesterday on the body of an unknown man recovered from the canal at Newton Bridge, on Tuesday. It was first of all identified by Mrs. Chappell, of Barnsley, as that of her father, Solomon Herbert Bentley Bell (57), a widower, who had been missing for some time, and later as the body of Pat Comer (64), who had been lodging at 55, Clifton street Denaby, and who had been missing for several weeks.

George Shaw, with whom Comer had lodged, told the coroner, Mr. W. Bagshaw, that deceased had lived with him for twelve months, and he saw him on Friday, the 13th July, when he left to go to the pit for his wages.

He saw him later at the Reresby Arms, about 1.30 to 2 o´clock, having a drink and he then appeared to be all right. Towards the end of last year deceased met with an accident, receiving internal injuries, and he was for a time an inmate of the Fullerton Hospital, Denaby.

He had also had some trouble with his legs some years ago, and septic poisoning having set in, he wore a bandage. Witness identified him by this, and also by a scar on the back of his head and one on his left shoulder. He also identified him by his boots, which he had just had soled and heeled, and by his shirt, his braces and his cap.

Mrs Chappell, who previously had examined the body, now came forward, and in answer to the coroner said she was now satisfied that the body was not that of her father, Solomon Bell.

Frank Pawley, lock keeper, living in Marshgate, Doncaster, spoke to recovering the body, which had evidently been in the water a considerable time.

P.c. Lowe of the Borough Police, said deceased´s legs were bandaged just above the knee, and there was a scar on the shoulder.

The coroner found that the body was that of Pat Cromer, a miner, and returned an open verdict.

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