Denaby United 1 Belper 1 – Promising First Match at Tickhill Square.

August 1963

South Yorkshire Times, August 31.

Denaby´s promising First Match at Tickhill Square.

Denaby United 1 Belper Town 1

Abig round of applause please for the men in the red shirts for restoring confidence in Denaby United. With the new team brought together during the summer, and two preseason practices lost, things were beginning to look ominous.

But on Saturday they turned on a display of hard-working efficient, attacking football, which kept Belper pinned in their own half for most of the game, and pushed in front of everybody the message that Denaby are far from ready to be written off.

The defence looks like being the strong point of the team until the forwards have played a few games together, but even on Saturday, there were glimpses that the forward line as a lot in store.

Wood is just what Denaby need, a quick thinking and quick acting inside forwards and over at inside left Wharham is quick to spot chances.

It was Wharham who put Denaby ahead after 10 min when the ball rebound to him after Mullen have been tackled. Unhurried he took the ball up to Jenny, gave him a good look at it then flicked it wide of him for Tickhill’s first Midland League goal of the season.

Worked Hard.

Denaby had worked hard for that goal. They are forced a corner after coal; Roebuck had hit a shot just wide of the post; Wood after taking the ball almost 30 yards, had his drive headed out of the goalmouth, and Mullen had made Jenny bring off a diving save to match a tremendous shot.

Wharham this was unlucky not to get his second a few minutes after half-time when his shot beat Jenny then spoiled itself by hitting the post.

It wasn’t until the last 15 min that Belper started to get their share of the ball – and equalised in the 79th minute.


McCorkindale took the ball to the edge of the penalty area and swept it across the goalmouth to Amour. The wingers 5 yard blast was beaten down by Haugh, who got the ball magnificently, but the rebound, as luck would have it, fell straight back at Armour´s feet and he gratefully planted it in the net.

Denaby, were unlucky not to win their display must give them confidence for the future.

Team: Hough; Whant, Foster; Ainscough Wright, Saul, Marston, Wood, Mullen, Wharham, Roebuck

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