Denaby United – Annual Meeting

17 July 1920

Mexborough Times, July 17, 1920

Denaby United´s Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Denaby United Football Club was held on Monday evening, Mr H.W.Smith, presiding. He expressed pleasure at the large attendance, and reminded them that if Midland League football was to be successful in Denaby, they would need sustained enthusiasm. If the enthusiasm evident that evening was maintained. then he had no doubt about the success of the club.

The balance sheet, which showed a balance at the bank of £1 16s 4d and in hand of 2s 6d was adopted as satisfactory. The gate receipts for the year had been £63 17s 10d.

The chairman explained that the balance sheet was a current one, and did not take into account certain debts that the Midland League Club will have to meet. He was pleased to say that the Christmas Draw Committee had made themselves responsible for the Stand account, but there were other outstanding accounts, which, however, he felt they would have no difficulty in meeting.

The following officials were elected: P resident, Mr H.W.Smith; Vice-Presidents, Messrs. Hully, Wilkinson, Harrison, Hardy, Bateson and Jones; Secretary, Mr J.Worthington; Assistant secretary, Mr T.Clayton; Treasurer. Mr Farrell; Auditors Messrs J.H.Dunk and C.P.Chambers; Committee; Messrs J.Bucknell, A.Robinson, J.Humphries, G.L.Robinson, W.Dean, W.Prince, H.Westwood, G.Chadfield, W.L.Worsley, J.Shelton, T.Smith, H.Mitchell, T.Oxley, E.Walker, E.Robinson and T.Morgan.

The services of Mr Clayton, who acted as secretary last year, were warmly acknowledged by the chairman, and it was by unanimous vote that he was appointed assistant secretary.

Some discussion took place with regard to the appointment of a trainer, who was decided that the three nominations handedin should be opened, and a resolution that the position be advertised being negatived. The applications were from Herbert Wood, W. Marshall, and T.Swinburn and Marshall was appointed “at a salary to be determined by the Committee.”

It was decided to advertise locally for a player – manager. The Chairman again referred to the necessity for continued interest in the club, and said that as far as he was concerned if support deserted them, they would withdraw from the League.


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