Denaby United – Important Additions to Attack and Defence

August 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, August 18

Denaby United
Important Additions to Attack and Defence

In an effort to give impetus to public interest and enthusiasm, the Denaby club have made a new departure in the management.

They have brought on to the Management Committee representatives of all the local clubs, and of the tradesmen. This committee, with Mr. James Peters a well-known local tradesman at its head, and Mr. J. Williamson as vice-Chairman will, it is hoped, do much to gain a good deal more support than was received last season. The public is asked to realise that the maintenance of a club of Denaby´s calibre is no light task. The need is for all local football enthusiasts to help by presence and voice, to urge the team on to the bold bid it intends to make for the Midland League championship.

And there appears to be the ability at hand to do it. Last year´s principal weakness, in goal, has been done away with, the club believes, by the securing of Harrison, from Grimsby, and Bromage, from Bentley. To the attack, too, has come added strength by the arrival of W. Chambers, Dick Shaw, Damms, Cooper, Scriven and Scott. In Chambers the club management prides itself on a real captain. He has been with Rotherham County for the past two seasons, and is a utility man who has done good work in several positions. Shaw, of course, is from Wath, and he too has had experience with the County. Damms is a big strapping inside-left from Gainsborough Trinity. Cooper is an outside-left from Maltby; Scrivens comes from the successful junior league team Warmsworth and shows great promise; and Scott comes from Frickley Athletic. Of the old forwards, Hamilton, Godfrey and Homer remain.

Last year´s backs, Mat, Taylor and Dick Coope and Haslam, are still on the club´s books, as are the halves, George Hill, Kennedy and Tim Peters, with as new additions, Charlie Taylor from Mexborough, Illingworth from Prospect United, a local junior club and Billy Finney from Wath. Taylor will again captain the first team, with Hamilton as “vice”.

The practice match on Saturday, which aroused a good deal of interest, was chiefly for new players and local talent on trial. Scriven showed up well in attack, and Illingworth gave promise at half, while the two new goalkeepers shaped well. The final practise is to be held to-morrow (Saturday), the proceeds going to charity.

Groundsman Hobson has been working hard during the summer, and has got the turf into fine condition.

Mr. H. C. Harrison is again the club president with Oxford Road, Messrs. J. Hancock (secretary-manager), W. Astbury (secretary), and Arthur Davis (assistant secretary). The last named is a new appointment.

The season tickets are being issued at the same price as last year, and some 306 have already been bought up.

The following are the selected teams for the final practice match on the Denaby ground to-morrow (Saturday):- “A” team: Harrison (Grimsby); Coope and Haslam; C. Taylor (Mexborough), Kennedy and Hill; Cox (Stalybridge), Finney (Wath), Scott (Frickley), Damms (Gainsborough), Cooper (Maltby). “B” team; Bromage (Bentley), Bisby (Oxford road, Mexborough) and Evans (local); Holmes (Skelmersdale United, Lancashire Combination), Illingworth (Prospect United), and Peters; Hamilton Chambers (Rotherham County), Godfrey, Shaw (Wath) and Scriven (Warmsworth), Mat Taylor (the captain), is holidaying at Blackpool. The kick-off is fixed for four, and the proceeds go to the Fullerton Hospital.

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