Denaby United skate on the Ice & Snow

February 1963

South Yorkshire times, February 9, 1963.

Denaby Skate on the Ice and Snow

Heanor Town 2 Denaby United 1

When Heanor Townphoned through to Denaby to say the Midland league game with Denaby United was on, the Denaby team left Tickhill square, expecting to see some minor miracle of snow clearing when they arrived at the other end.

They were disappointed. The match should never have been played, on a pitch which was in no better condition than Tickhill squared itself.

But Denaby set out to make the best of it though they had a taste of things to come in the first minute when Roebuck `s feet shot from under him on the edge of the unit penalty box with no one near him..

After getting themselves out of a tangle in their goalmouth, Heanor swing played to the other end in the sixth minute, Denaby full-back Whant raced after Simcoe but before he could tackle him the centre forward slipped and went down. Whant trying to stop in a hurry, lost his feet on the treacherous surface and went down with him

Harsh Penalty Decision.

Denaby stood stunned as the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Their protest fell on deaf ears and SIMCOE – who slipped again in the process – put the ball past Haugh and Heanor went ahead.

Look went against the visitors again, seven minutes later, when Ainscough, was hitting everything that came his way at the Heanor goal, crashed the ball against the post from 25 yards out with steer them unable to get anywhere near it across the snowbound wastes of the goalmouth.

DRURY put Heanor further ahead in the 20th minute after Wild had missed a long pass and inside right, lobbed the ball over Hough.

Beautiful Football.

Two down at halftime – but Denaby opened up the second half with some superb football. Longer accurate passes split the home defence and the 51st minute so ROEBUCK pulled a goal back. Receiving the ball from Monk he pushed it to King, who crossed it for the left-winger to head in.

Everything looked set for an exciting finish, but Denaby were knocked out of their stride again by the tantrums of Simcoe and Drury – and referee Wallof´s failure to clamp down on their behaviour.

Mr Wollof, was so strict on the smallest files – when the conditions cried out for more give and take than usual – let the incident pass and the game was ruined stop.

One can well understand Harry Hough´s criticisms of Midland league referee’s.

Hough himself dealt confidently with all that came his way in the second half, beating downwards with ease some fiery close range shots, and new boy Porter at right half kept his head, and his feet, to make some neat openings for the forwards and a promising debut for himself

Denaby team:

Hough, Whant, Jones, Porter, Wild, Ainscough, Grainger,Gray, King, Monk, Roebuck

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