Denaby United’s Future Discussed.

2 May 1960

South Yorkshire Times May 2.

Denaby United’s Future Discussed.

Denaby United football club held a special meeting in the Denaby Miner´s Welfare on Sunday, when the future of the club and the club’s lifeline for next season – the 3d levy from miners at the two local collieries, Denaby and Cadeby – were discussed.

Mr Sam Peck, President of Denaby United, told the “South Yorkshire Times” this week that it had been agreed that a ballot should be held at the two pits to see if the men were prepared to have an extra 3d a week stopped from their wage packets.

Cadeby colliery had its ballot yesterday “Thursday” and Denaby is to have its ballot next Thursday.

“Certainly if we do not get the support of the collieries by this 3d a week levy we will not be able to carry on next season.”

Mr Peck said that the weekly income of the bottom of the table Denaby United was £20.

The referee and linesman want about £6 of that, and £14 a week to pay the players with is an impossible situation.” Added Mr Peck

Mr Matt Taylor, chairman of the club, said that at Sunday’s meeting, the NUM representatives from the two collieries had “strongly advised” that a ballot will be the best way to test the feelings of the men.

“The last time a stoppage was made for the men’s race packets, some years ago, it was by a show of hands at a public meeting, but this money went to all the sports section. The 3d they are having stoped now will go to the football club alone.” added Mr Taylor, who has been connected with Denaby since the early 1920s.

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