Denaby Woman Found Gassed

June 1960

South Yorkshire Times June 20

Denaby Woman Found Gassed

The Doncaster District Coroner Mr K D Potter was told at a Conisbrough inquest on Tuesday that a 59 years old Denaby woman who was foud gassed at her home suffered badly with her nerves.

The Coroner recorded a verdict of suicide while the balance of her mind was disturbed on Mrs Ethel Sampson, of 10 Blyth Street Denaby.

Mrs Isobel Knght of 24 Laburnum Grove, Conisbrough, said she had been under treatment for her nerves.

Thomas Fahy of 8 Blyth Street, brother in law to Mrs Sampson, said that she visited his home on Friday night and watched TV. She stayed until 9.45 pm when she left to go to bed.

Witness said he went to her home the following morning but could not get in and got no reply. He looked through the front window and saw Mrs SampsonĀ“s legs near the bottom of the stairs.

He went to get assistance from a man across the road and he burst open the back door. At first he thought she had fallen downstairs.

Mr Albert Burton of 101 Loversall Street, Denaby, a miner, said there was a strong smell of gas.

Kenneth Race, service superintendant with the East Midlands Gas Board said he had tested the gas installations at the house and they were sound.

Dr Henry Lederer, pathologist, said cause of death was coal gas poisonng.








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