Denaby Woods Closed

June 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 17

Denaby Woods Closed

The widespread damage from fire, has led Mr J.S.H.Fullerton to close Denaby woods to the public.

I dearly regret this (and so, no doubt, does Mr Fullerton), for it involves the a real deprivation to many well conducted persons who find delight in these woods.

But it has to be confessed that Mr Fullerton is quite justifed by the mischief that has been wrought, whether from carelessness inadvertence, our malice, in the course he has at length taken.

Last week there were several fires, and though these may be ascribed to the heatwave, it is more likely that human agency started them.

Even before the heat spell there were great disfiguring tracks of burnt bracken to be seen in the higher parts of the world, and a sorry sight. It was

once more, we are confronted with a baffling social question of how to preserve for the common use and enjoyment the beauties of the countryside.

The moment you extend the things to the public, that moment you put them in danger from careless or ungracious or uncles members of the public.

Truly a manĀ“s foes shall be they of his own household



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