Denaby Youth´s Rescue – Would-be Suicide Snatched from Canal.

August 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, August 25

Denaby Youth´s Rescue
Would-be Suicide Snatched from Canal.
Exciting Mexborough Incident

Happening to be on the canal bank near the Don Bridge, at Mexborough, on Monday afternoon, a couple of Denaby youths were able to save a life.

W. Stych, of, 46, Adwick Street, and T. Kelly, of 32 Doncaster Road, were the youths referred to. They saw a man run down the bank and throw himself into the canal. Stych rapidly getting rid of some clothing, promptly dived in to the rescue, and Kelly quickly followed. They succeeded in getting the man ashore, and then proceeded to pump canal water out of him. Some men came to their assistance, and the rescued man was taken to the house of Mrs. Ellen White of 8, New Street, dried and given a hot drink. Later, he was taken charge of by the police.

On Tuesday he appeared before the magistrates at the Doncaster West Riding Court, on a charge of attempting to commit suicide. Outlining the facts, Sup. Minty said that he had just come out of Firvale Workhouse.

Mrs. White told of Frost´s being brought to her house as houses near had refused to attend to him. Her evidence given, the Chairman (Mr. J. Brocklesby), remarked: “It was very gook of you to assist him in the way you did”.

P.c. Whittington stated that Frost said “I am tired of living. I wish you had let me stop in”.

Supt. Minty (to Frost): Are you still of the same mind?

Frost: Yes.

The prisoner´s brother-in-law was present but said he could not accept the responsibility of taking care of him. The magistrates therefore ordered his removal back to Firvale Workhouse.


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