March 1963

Miss Joan Bransby (Denaby) and Mr Peter Shaw (Rawmarsh) at Denaby All Saints Miss Margaret Mann (Swinton) and Mr Anthony Arthur Hough (Denaby) at Swinton Parish Church
Mr Colin Collindridge and Miss Brenda Godber at Denaby Parish Church Mr George Jepson (Denaby) and Miss Sheila Clarke (Mexborough) at Doncaster Register Office Mr Roy Fisher (Denaby) and Miss Jean Dawson (Swinton) at Swinton Parish Church Mr Alan Mamby and Miss Patricia Benton at Denaby
Miss J Norman (Denaby) and Mr P Ingham (Goldthorpe) at Goldthorpe Parish Church Miss Rita Peers (Denaby) and Mr Brian Lowe (Rawmarsh) at Denaby Parish Church Mr M Tierney (Conanby) and Miss N Salt (Denaby) at Doncaster Register Office

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