Denaby’s Heroes List – Record to be Proud Of

July 1920

Mexborough Times, July 31, 1920

Denaby’s Heroes´ List.

Record to be Proud of.

Last of Presentations to Soldier Medallists

Last night (Thursday) the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries Heroes Fund Committee completed their task of recognising by suitable presentation the whole of the workmen at the two collieries, who won distinctive honour in the war. Up to yesterday 41 gold watches have been presented to ex-service men who had won medals, and the remainder of the local medallists, 19 in all, were similarly honoured at last night´s function.the awards game by workmen at the two collieries are as follows:

Victoria Cross 1
Distinguished Conduct Medal 6
Military Cross 1
Miitary Service Medal 1
Crosses of war : Serbian1, Italian1, Russian1, French1
Military Medal 45
Military Medal and bar 1

Yesterday, following a tea, to which all the recipients and prospective recipients of watches and illuminated addresses, along with their friends, were invited. There was a large gathering in the concert room at the Denaby Main Hotel, over which Cllr Davis presided. Watches and addresses were presented by Mr H.W.Smith to the Denaby Main men and by Mr H.Hulley to the Cadeby Main men.

Mr Smith drew attention to the honour we all felt, having among them that evening Sgt L.Calvert, V.C., M.M.and provoke proceeded to pay a high tribute to the fighting qualities of the Denaby and Conisbrough miners.he mentioned that no village of its size, and a bigger war honours list, and had Denaby in the coal and Denaby, was proud of it. (Applause.)

Mr Hulley expressed great appreciation of the work those connected with the Heroes Fund Committee had performed.

Sergey Calvert responded onbehalf ofthe recipients. He thought he would be expressing the sentiments of them all when he said how grateful they were for what had been done on their behalf by the people who had remained at home. All honour to the men whobeen awarded medals, though, he urged,it should always be borne in mind that hundreds of the gallant men who had died in the actions which led to their deaths undoubtedly qualified for the highest military honours which could be given. There were many undiscovered heroes among the fallen. They should never be forgotten on occasions like the present.

Mr Arthur Roberts thought that whatever else can be said of Denaby Main, it could not be said that its inhabitantshad not done all possible fittingly to recognise their war heroes. One of the most pleasing features of his five years at Denaby have been the periodical meeting together on one common platform with the object of recognising the services of those who were enlisted, of representatives of all classes. If the spirit manifested that evening, continue Mr Roberts, prevailed throughout the whole country, Britain would find herself equally successful in peace as in war. Unfortunately, the country was not so settled as perhaps it might be, and he urged that, if only in the interest of our allies, the country should concentrate on settling down and getting back to a really peaceful state once again.

Mr J Platts, president of the Conisbrough Federation, proposed a vote of thanks to the chairman and members of the Heroes Committee, Mr J Leadbeater, president of the Mexborough comrades, seconding. The complete list of the Denaby and Cadeby Main men who gained distinction in the war and have been honoured by the committee is as follows:

Victoria Cross

Sgt L.Calvert, V.C., M.M., Belgian order of Leopold.


Sub Lt C.J.Pickett,


Sgt H.Humphries (and M.M.),
Sgt James Keywood,
Private Sam Wright (and M.M.)
Sgt Major F.Rudd,
Sgt Maj J.Jenkins,
Sgt H.E.Booth,


Cpl William Mee,


Private O.Boyland, Private A. Davy, Private Joseph Darby,
Cpl William Corney, Lance Cpl T.Jordan, Lance Cpl T. Gascoyne,
P.O.James Cheetham, Gunner M.Thompson, Sgt F.A.Ward,
Bomb. G.T Worth, Cpl A.Robinson, Lt G.Wheeliker,
Rifleman R.Butcher (deceased), Private Woldfield, Sgt J.Gedney,
Lance Cpl, L.Wren, Private A.Barker, Sgt H.Ellis, Sgt Maj C.Hill,
Lt. F.Adkins, Sgt major F.Rudd, Lance Cpl James Wright,
Sgt C.F. Crawson(deceased) Cpl W.A.Scott, Private B.H.Rhodes,
Private L.Stones, Sgt J.Ford, private L.Barron, Private G.A.More,
Cpl C.Wharton, Cpl A.Ellmer, Private J.W.Miller,
Sgt J.Parker, Sgt W.T.Goodship, Cpl H.Wright,
Private R.Pendlebury, private T.Clamp, Sgt J.Lyons, Sgt A.Westlake,
Private R.Knight, Private A.Briddon, private A. Atkinson, Sgt J.T.Jones,
Private H.Stephenson, Private J.A.Stacey, (deceased), private G.Osborne.

Cross of St George:

Stoker E.Walker

Allies crosses:

Sgt B Thompson (French)
Private J Killingworth (Serbia),
private A Atkinson (French)
R.Q.M.S. D.Sheldon( Italian and mentioned in dispatches)

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