Denaby’s Proposed Institute – Handsome Fruit of Welfare Fund. (picture)

November 1922

Mexborough & Swinton Times, November 18.

Denaby´s Proposed Institute.

Handsome Fruit of the Miners Welfare Fund.

The aboveis a sketch, by Mr H.L.Smethurst, architect of the scheme, of the Institute proposed to be erected this at Denaby Main with the proceeds of the Denaby and Cadeby Miners Welfare Fund.

The proposal is to place this Institute on a site between the cricket and football fields at Denaby Main. On the right is seen the cricket pavilion and the steps leading to the ground. The main entrance looks directly down toward Tickhill Square and the main thoroughfare of Denaby Main. The left of the building faces the ootball ground; beyond is a proposed swimming baths.

On the ground floor of the building we have a skittle alley, the cricket club store, lavatories, etc

In the main building we get the main entrance, leading into a porch, and through that to a hall which opens onto a library and committee room, facing the front and a reading room also facing the front.

The Hall also opens upon the games room with a small room on the left beyond that and a set of slipper baths which are in direct communication with the plunge baths behind. These may also be reached by the veranda steps which are shown on the left of the main block, facing the football field. The right of the main block is occupied mainly by a spacious summer canteen, and the domestic quarters of the caretaker. There is a bar in the centre of the building, giving convenient oversight of the whole of this floor.

On the first floor, beginning with the cricket pavilion, we have a tearoom, and behind, a dressing room for ladies and gentlemen.

The main block on this floor is appropriated by a concert hall, the larger hall at the front, and a billiard room and bar at the rear. The concert hall will be 76.5′ x 30′; the billiard room 46′ x 30′; the cricket pavilion tearoom 25 feet 9″ x 15 feet.

The recreation rooms are all of ample and convenient size. The most interesting feature of the scheme is the provision of a plunge bath seen at the rear of the building as shown in the sketch and it is expected that this will be very greatly appreciated. The building will be 103’9″ long by 45 1/2 feet, and the swimming bath, 90′ x 30′

The dressing boxes will be covered with a balcony for use on gala nights, and the bath can be boarded over, for various winter purposes. The bath is graded from a depth of 3 feet to a depth of 7 feet. The fullest sanitary provision is made throughout.

Provision is also made at the rear of the swimming bath for a small electric powerhouse, sufficient to render the building, independent of any other source of light and power.

A very interesting suggestion with regard to the swimming bath is that it may be converted into a cinema during the winter months, and of course, it will be entirely suitable for all indoor athletics as well as for dancing and other social activities.

Taken all round, it will be a very attractive scheme.

It is hopedthat something like £14,000 will be available from the fund. Until the matter has been decided by actual attendance, no reliable estimates of the cost can be formed.

The committee have already received the sum of £2500 on account of the total grant.

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