Destruction of a Bridge by Fire


June 22nd SheffieldIndependent

Destruction of a Bridge at Denaby by fire

The Highway traffic stopped

On Saturday night a wooden bridge, which crossed the River Don, near the Denaby Main colliery, and formed part of the highway leading from Mexborough to Doncaster, was totally destroyed by fire, and the traffic on the road is consequently for the present completely stopped. The fire was discovered at about a 9:15 in the evening by a man named Charles Russell, who immediately gave the alarm. The bridge caught fire first at the corner nearest the Denaby Pit yard and on the Denaby side of the river which, as our readers are aware, divides the townships of Denaby and Mexborough, and it is supposed that the fire was caused by the sparks from a burning heap of rubbish, in which there was a quantity of wood and sawdust. This had been burning for some weeks, and was only about three or 4 yards from that part of the bridge, which first caught fire. The bridge, and its supports were built of wood, and beside been pitched, it was coated with asphalt, which was covered with the stonework. The fire, therefore, once having gained a whole, extended very rapidly, and it is said that nothing could have saved it. An eyewitness, states that the whole structure burnt away as if it were of paper. The man who discovered the fire, however, before it assumed so serious an aspect, succeeded, with the assistance of police Sgt Chamley, in bringing two fire engines to the spot – one belonging to the Denaby Main Colliery company, and another belonging to the Mexborough local board. The brigade were not successful in their endeavours to save the bridge, and there is now nothing left of it but portions of the wooden pillars. The damage is estimated at £500 and we presume the cost of a new bridge will have to be borne by the two parishes. The bridge destroyed was 30 yards long, and about eight or 10 yards wide.

1874 Oct 24th Sheffield Independent

Rebuilding of a bridge at Mexborough

Mr Aldham moved, “that a grant of the sum of £2200 for rebuilding Greys bridge, over the River Don, on the public highway between Denaby, Mexborough, be allowed.”

Mr Stanhope seconded the motion which was passed.

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